Polycarbonate Face Shield

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Buy Best Price high-quality and superior-performance Polycarbonate Face Shield – from Kshitij Polyline – one of the largest
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Heat Resistant Polycarbonate Face Shield, Corona Protection Polycarbonate Face Shields in India well known for using superior
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Polycarbonate Face Shield

Kshitij Polyline Ltd’s Polycarbonate Face Shield are the safest to prevent COVID 19 as it is specially and functionally designed Polycarbonate Face Shield.

Advantages / Features of Kshitij Polyline Ltd’s Polycarbonate Face Shield:

  • Made with high impact unbreakable poly carbonate material.
  • Covers the entire face and provides complete coverage than typical face shields.
  • Optical clarity and Can be cleaned with soap water.
  • Crystal clear visor with clear vision without the risks of getting any flying objects in your eyes or face.
  • Adjustable head gear lightweight durable hard plastic for long lifetime with ratchet suspension for quick and easy adjustment.
  • Crystal clear visor with clear vision allows work to be done without the dangers of getting any flying objects in your eyes or face.
  • Adjustable head gear lightweight durable hard plastic for long lifetime with ratchet suspension for quick and easy adjustment.
  • Polycarbonate Face Shield can be worn securely with most goggles and respirators.
  • Polycarbonate Face Shield can be used for – general manufacturing, cutting metal, light construction, cutting wood, chainsaw, brush cutter, and many more.
  • Perfect fitting and Does not hinder normal vision.
  • Available in countless colours and sizes to meet requirements for all jobs.

Applications of Kshitij Polyline Ltd’s Polycarbonate Face Shield:

Kshitij Polyline Ltd’s Polycarbonate Face Shields are widely used in many places like hospitals, offices, railway stations, Industries,schools, the areas where we need to protect against coronavirus and heavy dirty particles are there. Polycarbonate Face Shieldare used currently for both individual use in daily life as well as in industries and factories due to the increase level of pollution. Polycarbonate Face Shieldprotects them from inhaling any kind of contaminated particles and ensure the personnel safety and protection from inhaling any kind of contaminated particles, hazardous dust, fumes and odour.


Product Specifications of Kshitij Polyline Ltd’ Polycarbonate Face Shield:

Company: Kshitij Polyline Ltd
Brand: Kshitij Polyline
Product name: Polycarbonate Face Shield
Material: Polycarbonate
Thickness: 800 microns
Feature Moveable
Reusable: Yes
Applications: Pharma, Hospital, Clinic, Laboratory etc.
Packaging Details: Carton packing / Customized

Polycarbonate Face Shieldwith various options and different sizes are available with us, Contact Us at +91 86522 28608for detailed product info, If you need any assistance selecting our products that fits your requirements.

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Polycarbonate Face Shield in Mumbai, India:

Kshitij Polyline Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters ofProduct: Polycarbonate Face Shield products in India to an Industry-wide customer base and committed to customer fulfilment at competitive market prices.

At Kshitij Polyline Ltd, we offer these Polycarbonate Face Shield products across markets to several destinations across India, Middle-East and Africa.

Kshitij Polyline Ltd manufactures, supply and marketPolycarbonate Face Shield products to all Indian cities and export to Europe, Middle East and Africa:

Indian Cities:
Agra Ahmedabad Howrah Ahmednagar Aligarh
Ambala Chennai Amravati Amritsar Bangalore
Bhopal Bhubaneshwar Bhuj Chandigarh Chennai
Coimbatore Delhi Dibrugarh Gandhinagar Gangtok
Ghaziabad Goa Gorakhpur Gurgaon Guwahati
Gwalior Howrah Jamnagar Indore Jaipur
Jalandhar Jalgaon Jamnagar Jamshedpur Jhansi
Jodhpur Kanpur Kolkata Kota Kozhikode
Lucknow Goa Ludhiana Madurai Mangalore
Mathura Moradabad Mumbai Mysore Nagpur
Nashik Noida Pune Raipur Rajkot
Bhuj Ranchi Saharanpur Siwan Solapur
Surat Thiruvananthapuram Udaipur Udupi Vijayawada
ArgentinaEgyptNepalSaudi ArabiaTurkey
DohaHungaryNew ZealandSpainZambia
Dr. CongoKenyaQatarSri Lanka 

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